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June 28, 2005
This week's management quote

“In the business world, the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield.”
Warren Buffet -- US financier & investment businessman (1930- )


1. Benchmarking Best Practices in Supply Chain Management Workshop
August 3rd-4th, 2005
2. NAEM EHS Management Forum
October 19th-21st, 2005

The news


1. Survey of Sustainability Experts Highlights Report
2. New York City: First Solar Subway Station Hails Eco-Transportation
3. Companies that go “Beyond Reporting” Create Business Value
4. Chicago Climate Exchange Paves the Way for U.S. Emissions Trading
5. ADM, Merck, BASF Headline EPA Green Chemistry Awards
6. Job Opportunities

GlobeScan Survey of Sustainability Experts 2004-2 Highlights Report
The 2004-2 GlobeScan Survey of Sustainability Experts was conducted from September 12th-October 25th, 2004, with experts and stakeholders in Asia, Western Europe, and North America, as well as Africa, the Middle East, South America, and Eastern Europe. GlobeScan experts are selected on the basis of their influence, sector balance, and areas of expertise. Highlights of the findings of selected questions are represented in this report.

New York City: City's First Solar Subway Station Hails Eco-Transportation
The newly reconstructed Stillwell Avenue subway station in Brooklyn has become the city's first solar-powered train terminal, and one of the most environmentally responsible mass transportation sites built in the U.S. The 76,000-square foot state-of-the-art solar roof, manufactured by RWE SCHOTT Solar, is expected to contribute approximately 250,000 kilowatt hours a year to the station's non-traction power needs.

Companies that go "Beyond Reporting" create business value, new report says
Companies can turn regulatory compliance and heightened corporate governance efforts into opportunities that create value for their businesses, according to a new report from the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). Companies now invest heavily in time and money to comply with increased levels of regulation and expectations of improved corporate governance. Yet the push to make companies more “accountable,” either through legislation or voluntary compliance with guidelines, has been slow to inspire confidence among investors and other stakeholders.

Chicago Climate Exchange paves the way for U.S. emissions trading
The Oakland airport seems perfectly situated. The runways sit on a former wetland at the edge of San Francisco Bay. But this prime location could prove costly. We're all intimately familiar with the basic global-warming scenario by now: greenhouse gases are warming the atmosphere, polar ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising -- and coastal cities like Oakland could lose their shorelines. If global temperatures rise 4 degrees Fahrenheit by next century, a relatively conservative prediction, Oakland's runways flood. And that's just the start of the city's potential problems: rising seas could cause billions of dollars in property damage, fill groundwater aquifers with salt water, and jeopardize wetland ecosystems.

ADM, Merck, BASF Headline EPA Green Chemistry Awards
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has presented its 2005 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards in a formal ceremony at the National Academy of Sciences. Six winners received awards for innovative yet practical technologies that prevent pollution through cleaner, cheaper, smarter chemistry.

Job Opportunities

Sr. Corporate EHS Specialist
This position is responsible for ensuring compliance to environmental, health and safety (EHS), and DOT regulations at the Federal, State and local levels. Will coordinate facility projects, reviewing draft reports/plans, applications and permits, assist in permit development, provide regulatory guidance, and promote EHS programs within Teknor Apex. This position has a strong environmental component. Send resume with salary history to: Director of Human Resources
FAX: 401-725-2746

HSE Superintendent for this $9 Billion chemical manufacturer located in MD. The person will be responsible for 2 manufacturing facilities and one distribution center. The ideal candidate should have 8+ years safety, health and environmental experience in a manufacturing environment (some chemical preferred), 3+ years managerial experience and a BS in Safety, Environmental or related. This position will have 6 direct reports and 14 dotted line reports. Contact: Paul Shrenker

Safety Engineer for a heavy mfg located in Southeastern PA. This person will report into the Regional Safety Manager and will be responsible for safety issues in one plant. This person should have 2+ years safety experience in a manufacturing facility along with an AS in Safety or related. Contact: Paul Shrenker

Environmental Director for this heavy manufacturing facility located in the Mid Atlantic. The candidate should have 8+ years environmental experience to include air, water and waste. Title V experience required. BS in Environmental or related. Contact: Paul Shrenker

Senior Manager EH&S for this 300 employee biotech manufacturing facility located in the Mid Atlantic. This is the company’s largest manufacturing facility and currently expansion of the facility is underway. The candidate should have 10+ years eh&s experience in a manufacturing environment, BS in Safety, Environmental or related, certification preferred. Contact: Paul Shrenker

Safety Manager for this food manufacturer in Iowa. This position reports to the Director of Security and Safety and has 3 direct reports (Safety Specialists). The candidate should have 8+ years safety experience in mfg, at least 2 years leadership experience (direct reports), and a BS in Safety or related. Contact: Paul Shrenker

Have a safe, healthy and environmental week!

Carol Singer Neuvelt

NAEM Executive Director


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