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September 29, 2006
This week's management quote

"But the only possible guarantee of the future is responsible behavior in the present. "
Wendell Berry, 1934-present, author


  1. 2006 NAEM 14 th Annual EHS Management Forum October 25-27 th, 2006 in Savannah, GA
  2. Corporate Strategies that Address Climate Change November 10 th, 2006 in Ann Arbor, MI

Preliminary Agenda for the 14th Annual EHS Management Forum is now available. Click here to view.

The news


  1. The $31.5 Trillion Question: Is Your Company Prepared for Climate Change?
  2. Innovation, competitiveness and responsibility –The new frontier of corporate responsibility
  3. Yale to Train Corporate Directors on Climate Change
  4. Environmental R&D at Ford—When the blue oval goes green
  5. Emerging Markets Lag on Sustainability
  6. House Dutiful
  7. Job Opportunities

The $31.5 Trillion Question: Is Your Company Prepared for Climate Change? --article
Climate change has become a major concern among leading US financial institutions and companies, according to a new report by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), a coalition of global investors with more than $31.5 trillion in assets. The $31.5 trillion in assets behind CDP4 represents an increase of over $10 trillion (50%) from the $21 trillion behind CDP3 in 2005. Much of the increase is the result of US financial giants AIG, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley joining Merrill Lynch, and other US institutional investors, to become CDP signatories.

Environmental R&D at Ford—When the blue label goes green --article
Have Ford's green investments spurred other car manufacturers into action? Suchandrika Chakrabarti reports On July 17th this year, Lewis Booth, head of Ford Europe, announced Ford's plans to sink £1 billion into green vehicle development and research in the UK. The news encourages greater scrutiny of how other car manufacturers are going to keep up with such investments. Booth spoke of the immediacy of the need to “extend the availability of low-carbon fuels from sustainable sources,” and of the hope that biofuels could, in the future, achieve CO2 reductions of 80-90%. Ford's environmentally-friendly strategies include the world's first hybrid SUV (the 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid), the Partial Zero Emission Ford Focus and funding research into hydrogen combustion engines. Ford is not necessarily the only car manufacturer concerned with such issues. Ploughing money, research and time into this area has become an everyday occurrence for Ford's competitors.

Innovation, competitiveness and responsibility - The new frontier of corporate responsibility -- article
Value protection is not a sufficient basis for the corporate responsibility practices of competitive companies, argues Nigel Roome. There is little denying that current corporate responsibility efforts are to be applauded and, when genuine, stand as a contribution to more cohesive and inclusive societies. They can drive down some of the environmental burdens generated by producers and help provide enterprises with a license to operate in society. However, current approaches do not seem to offer anything but a partial and short-term response to the full challenge of sustainable development.

Yale to Train Corporate Directors on Climate Change--article
Yale University, along with two other U.S. organizations, has announced a unique collaborative effort to educate hundreds of independent corporate board members about the potential liabilities and strategic business opportunities that global climate change can create for companies. "Climate change is no longer the purview of scientists only," said Gus Speth, dean of the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. The collaboration draws together institutions with complementary expertise in the area of climate change: Marsh, the world's leading risk and insurance services firm; Yale University, one of the nation's leading academic institutions, and Ceres, the nation's largest coalition of investors and environmental groups working with companies on environmental and social issues.

Emerging Markets Lag on Sustainability article
Companies in emerging markets trail their developed world peers on sustainability, but some do present opportunities for responsible investment, according to a report by Ethical Investment Research Services (EIRIS). Broadening the horizons for responsible investment surveyed the public disclosures of 50 major emerging market companies, and found that most are making some efforts to address environmental, social and governance issues. But, while the report finds that possibilities exist for "diversification and risk management for investors as well as wider potential gains for sustainability", it also shows that emerging markets are yet to fully embrace corporate social responsibility (CSR).

House Dutiful -- commentary
A Colorado home-builder reflects on his attempt to go green.

Job Opportunities

Vice President, Environmental and External Affairs in Vermont. Position exists to oversee the strategic environmental and regulatory affairs of the company’s North American operations. Also oversees the safety and public relations functions for the business, which is between ¼ - ½ billion dollars in sales. Will monitor governmental, regulatory and environmental policy issues that may impact the company’s business objectives and will ensure regulatory compliance consistency across multiple jurisdictions. Works closely with internal business partners and departments to articulate company policy, then helps to ensure that company policy priorities are considered by legislators, regulators and related constituencies. Works closely with plant managers on location-specific permitting or compliance issues, as required. Ideal candidate will have a related advanced degree; 10 or more years of environmental affairs / PR experience in a government or corporate role administering complex local, state and federal environmental regulations; managerial experience; strong background working with complex and sensitive issues – manufacturing, environmental policy, governmental affairs and crisis management communications experience. Contact: Please send resume (MS Word document) by email: Donald R. Hunt

Director of Environmental Compliance & Process for Laidlaw. Ensures environmental regulatory compliance and good business practices in connection with all environmental and OSHA issues affecting the Company’s approximately 500 facilities in the US and Canada. B.S. in environmental science, geology, environmental engineering or related discipline. 7+ years in environmental, health and safety management in ground transportation or other industry with fuel distribution/vehicle maintenance activities. Working knowledge of Federal, State and typical local environmental, health and safety laws and regulations. Contact:

Director EHS for Standard Register Company in Dayton, Ohio. The successful candidate will provide strategic leadership and guidance with primary responsibility for driving compliance to all applicable safety standards and achieving safety related performance objectives. This individual would lead the development and implementation of safety tools and processes to drive standardization and consistency across the Company. Ensuring compliance with all environmental health and safety requirements arising from local, state and federal regulatory agencies is an additional expectation for this position. The Environmental Health and Safety Director would manage safety staff and support all manufacturing facilities. Undergraduate degree in business, engineering, or technical discipline 10 or more years safety experience in manufacturing environment. Master’s Degree preferred, Certified Safety Professional (CSP) preferred, OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) preferred. Contact: Christie Spreng,

QEH&S Management System Specialist for First Environment, Inc. in New Jersey. Responsibilities include: Developing and implementing QEH&S Management Systems including: Designing and developing the system components, Writing and implementing procedures, Developing and implementing tools, Preparing deliverables and presenting findings to clients, Auditing and verification support. Qualified candidates must possess: Advanced degree, Minimum 5-10 years experience with 4-6 years experience specific to management systems design and implementation, Certified lead auditor. Contact: Human Resources Manager,

Have a safe, healthy and environmental week!

Carol Singer Neuvelt

NAEM Executive Director


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