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November 8, 2007
This week's management quote

"If you want one year of prosperity, plant corn. If you want ten years of prosperity, plant trees. If you want one hundred years of prosperity, educate people." — Chinese proverb

Call for nominations

Environmental Defense Opens Nomination Process for Top Business Innovations of 2007
NAEM has partnered with Environmental Defense to distribute the nomination form and encourage NAEM members to nominate their peers for recognition as top innovators. Click on the link above to access the online nomination form and help get the word out about the good work that was done this year by you and your peers!


  1. New England Chapter Fall Meeting: Chemical Management-The Next Generation
    Thursday, November 29th Worcester, MA.
  2. Web Seminar: Pros and Cons of External Business Certifications: Are they worth it?
    Thursday, November 29th 1:00-3:00 PM EST. Register now!


  1. IBM Turning Silicon Waste Into Solar Panels
  2. Secrets of High-Impact Sustainability Reporting
  3. Workforce Planning Boosts Productivity and Efficiency
  4. For Suppliers, the Pressure is On
  5. An Eco-Buzz Grows, National Survey Warns Companies of ‘Green Trap’
  6. CEOs on Strategy and Social Issues
  7. The Clean Tech Revolution
  8. Job Opportunities

The news

IBM Turning Silicon Waste Into Solar Panels –article
By using reclaimed silicon, solar cell manufacturers can save between 30% and 90% of the energy they would have expended using new silicon materials, IBM said. IBM says it's found an earth-friendly way to recycle the silicon wafers used in its computer chip manufacturing operations -- it's helping to turn them into solar panels. To recycle the wafers, IBM is using a process that removes transistor patterns embedded in them. The patterns usually prevent silicon wafers from being reused along with other silicon products because they represent closely guarded intellectual property.

Secrets of High-Impact Sustainability Reporting –commentary
The corporate sustainability report can be an important part of building a Green to Gold culture where everyone knows their weaknesses and identifies opportunities for eco-advantage. But who really reads these things? To answer this and other key reporting questions, I'm very pleased to introduce a guest editor and expert on this topic. Kathee Rebernak runs Framework:CR, a corporate responsibility and financial communications firm specializing in reporting.

Workforce Planning Boosts Productivity and Efficiency –article
An aging workforce and an emerging “baby boom” retirement wave are driving more companies toward “strategic workforce planning,” The Conference Board reports in a new study, Strategic Workforce Planning: Forecasting Human Capital Needs to Execute Business Strategy. Strategic workforce planning involves analyzing and forecasting the talent that companies need to execute their business strategy. This management process is increasingly used to control labor costs, assess talent needs, make informed business decisions, and to assess human-capital needs and risks as part of overall enterprise risk management.

For Suppliers, the Pressure is On –article
Home Depot did not sell organic roses this past Mother’s Day. Why? There were no cheap local ones available. And the amount of carbon that would have been emitted by shipping cheap ones from Venezuela seemed to eclipse any environmental benefit of avoiding pesticides and such. “We’re working with local farmers to help them grow organically and still be price competitive,” said Ron Jarvis, Home Depot’s senior vice president for environmental innovation. For now, he added, “we’ll stick with conventional roses.” Call it Phase 3 of the greening of corporate America. Companies have turned to alternative energy, bought hybrid fleets and otherwise tried to clean up their own acts. Many have helped customers go green by stocking green products, selling carbon offsets along with airline tickets or offering electricity from renewable resources for those willing to pay extra.

An Eco-Buzz Grows, National Survey Warns Companies of ‘Green Trap’ –article
America's consumers offer a warning to business leaders and marketers looking to ride the green wave: either back your eco-friendly words with socially responsible actions or risk a backlash. In the first major study to combine field observations with a national survey on purchasing behavior and social values, increasingly conscious consumers are demanding that companies be transparent about their practices and accountable for their impact on people and the planet.

CEOs on Strategy and Social Issues –article
Chief executives have increasingly incorporated environmental, social, and governance issues into core strategies, McKinsey research shows. These CEOs are responding to increasing pressure from employees and consumers, but some also see opportunities to gain a competitive advantage and address global problems. Competing strategic priorities and the failure of financial markets to recognize the importance of implementing a strategic approach to societal issues are among the barriers to change.

The Clean Tech Revolution –book review
A new book on investing in green technology looks at new and expected developments that hold out promise for big returns over the coming decades. "Green" is green, or so say the authors of The Clean Tech Revolution. Subtitled "The Next Big Growth And Investment Opportunity," authors Ron Pernick and Clint Wilder have written a comprehensive guide to investing in sustainable technology that covers four main sectors—energy, transportation, water, and materials—and lists specific firms that bear watching by investors.

Job Opportunities

Environmental, Health & Safety Manager for Westinghouse Electric Company Nuclear Fuel located in Blairsville, PA. The plant produces zirconium alloy tubing for the nuclear industry. Facilitate compliance with all environmental, health and safety regulations and administer relevant permits and licenses. Facilitate resolution of EH&S concerns in design and development of facilities, work areas, work procedures and equipment, and make recommendations accordingly. Act as adviser and provide technical assistance to plant management and safety groups regarding environmental, health and safety related improvement plans, projects, tasks and operations. Bachelor's Degree in Engineering or related technical discipline; Master's Degree preferred, with 10 or more years of progressively more responsible experience. Experience with design and operation of Wastewater Treatment Systems including holding a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania operator's license preferred.
Contact: Mike Welsh

Environmental, Health & Safety Manager for Westinghouse Electric Company Nuclear Fuel located in Madison, PA. The successful candidate will provide systems to facilitate compliance with environmental, health and safety regulations; protect the health and safety of employees and contractors, and properly manage environmental risks and liabilities. Manage development, implementation and maintenance of EH&S management systems, policies and procedures, and coordinate conformance with corporate standards and requirements. Thorough knowledge of EH&S laws and regulations governing the Nuclear Energy Industry. Bachelor's degree in engineering or related technical discipline; Masters degree preferred, plus 10 or more years of progressively more responsible experience.
Contact: Westinghouse

S&ES Specialist I (Sr. Level S&ES position) for Praxair, Inc. in Inner Grove Heights, MN. This mid-level professional position applies advanced safety and environmental knowledge to all safety and environmental areas – fleet safety, personnel safety, operational safety, equipment safety, product safety, and environmental – in order to protect the health and safety of all company employees, as well as the surrounding communities and environments in which the company operates. Required Experience: Bachelor’s Degree, 5+ years of Safety/Environmental. Preferred Experience: Strong environmental background, Certified Safety Professional (CSP) Certification, OSHA Authorized Trainer for OSHA 10 hr and 30 safety courses for General or Construction Industry.
Contact: Kisha Bailey

Director of Business Sustainability for Wells’ Dairy located in Sioux City, IA. Develops and maintains programs, policies, systems, methods and procedures for WDI sustainability, stewardship and conservation programs. Compiles and analyzes statistical and price data to determine feasibility of buying or transitioning to sustainable raw materials, and diverse suppliers Documents and manages the opportunities for any resources consumed at WDI. Manages the consolidation of all WDI sustainability, stewardship, conservation, and diverse supplier data. Prepares scorecards, reports, charts, and graphs of programs, projects and commitments to ascertain sustainability effectiveness. (Energy effectiveness, waste reductions, development of environmentally preferred products.), and improved supply base diversity spend Coordinates company wide sustainability and supplier diversity strategy, audits and implementation with all departments to maximize customer benefits and communication.

Have a safe, healthy and environmental week!

Carol Singer Neuvelt

NAEM Executive Director


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