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October 11, 2007
This week's management quote

"A society is defined not only by what it creates, but by what it refuses to destroy.”

— John Sawhill, (1936-2000), former president/CEO of The Nature Conservancy


  1. Consumers Ready to Reward Pro-Environmental Corporate Brands at the Checkout Line
  2. Are You Leading Change or is Change Leading You?
  3. Transportation is Moving –Slowly Toward Sustainability
  4. Fortune 1000 Companies Making Limited Preparations for Risk
  5. NY, Denver Airports to Install Clean Energy
  6. How to Travel Smarter
  7. Job Opportunities


  1. 15th Annual EHS Management Forum Vancouver, BC October 24-25, 2007. Register for EHS Management Forum.
  2. Facilitating Change: Working with DoD to Reduce Chemical Risks, Vancouver, BC NAEM Forum Pre-Conference October 23, 2007. Register for Working with DoD Pre-Conference.

The news

Consumers Ready to Reward Pro-Environmental Corporate Brands at the Checkout Linearticle
More than half of global consumers (53 percent/representing 1.1 billion people) prefer to purchase products and services from a company with a strong environmental reputation, according to a new global survey. The global survey, sponsored by TANDBERG and conducted by Ipsos MORI, interviewed 16,823 consumers in 15 countries in order to examine consumer and worker environmental attitudes and behavior. The TANDBERG study surveyed respondents in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden and the United States.

Are You Leading Change or is Change Leading You? article
Climate change and ecosystem degradation make if even more imperative for business to pursue sustainable development (SD). Many companies have adopted sustainability principles, but few have managed to ensure that these principles cause change across their operations. This requires effective leadership within top management and individual business units.

Transportation is Moving –Slowly Toward Sustainabilityessay
This essay is an exclusive excerpt adapted from Kevin Klustner's upcoming book, "Energy Efficiency -- The Future is Now," which will be released this month. Greener World Media debuted previous chapters about energy efficiency in the construction, information technology, and industrial sectors on our sites during the past two months. The transportation sector is a powerhouse when it comes to the amount of fuel and energy it consumes. Combined, road and air transportation account for nearly 20 percent of global energy demand. And while it appears that little can be done at this point to curb fuel and energy consumption in the commercial aviation sector, the automotive industry is poised to take great strides in the coming years.

Fortune 1000 Companies Making Limited Preparations for Risksurvey
Recently, the Marsh Center for Risk Insights surveyed 101 board-level executives of Fortune 1000 companies to determine the types of risks business leaders are most concerned with, as well as those risks most likely to impact their business.  The risk topics included natural disasters, international terrorist attacks, dramatically rising oil prices, global climate change, pandemics, a housing market collapse, emergence of human health and environmental risks associated with nanotechnology and massive water shortages.

NY, Denver Airports to Install Clean Energyarticle
Two of the nation's busiest international airports will soon be the first to use renewable energy. Denver International Airport will have a 2 megawatt (MW) solar installation and John F. Kennedy International Airport in NY, will have a police facility that runs on geothermal power. At Denver's airport - the fifth busiest in the country - visitors will notice the 2 MW PV display at the main entrance. WorldWater & Solar Technologies Corp. is building the array, to be finished in 2008. It will be financed, owned and operated by MMA Renewable Ventures LLC, a subsidiary of Municipal Mortgage & Equity through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

How to Travel Smarterarticle
Flights, hotels and car rental prices are all going up and it’s going to be a bumpy ride to stay on budget. These tips from business travel pros will help you through the turbulence.

Job Opportunities

Environmental Specialist for PG&E located in California. PG&E is seeking a results-driven professional to prepare complete and accurate hazardous materials business plans. Candidate must be willing to travel (throughout California) and maintain a valid drivers’ license. Must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills. Regulatory (audit/inspection) experience is helpful, but not required. Contact: Laura Ryan

Environmental, Health & Safety Manager for Westinghouse Electric Company Nuclear Fuel located in Blairsville, PA. The plant produces zirconium alloy tubing for the nuclear industry. Facilitate compliance with all environmental, health and safety regulations and administer relevant permits and licenses. Facilitate resolution of EH&S concerns in design and development of facilities, work areas, work procedures and equipment, and make recommendations accordingly. Act as adviser and provide technical assistance to plant management and safety groups regarding environmental, health and safety related improvement plans, projects, tasks and operations. Bachelor's Degree in Engineering or related technical discipline; Master's Degree preferred, with 10 or more years of progressively more responsible experience. Experience with design and operation of Wastewater Treatment Systems including holding a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania operator's license preferred. Contact: Mike Welsh

Environmental, Health & Safety Manager for Westinghouse Electric Company Nuclear Fuel located in Madison, PA. The successful candidate will provide systems to facilitate compliance with environmental, health and safety regulations; protect the health and safety of employees and contractors, and properly manage environmental risks and liabilities. Manage development, implementation and maintenance of EH&S management systems, policies and procedures, and coordinate conformance with corporate standards and requirements. Thorough knowledge of EH&S laws and regulations governing the Nuclear Energy Industry. Bachelor's degree in engineering or related technical discipline; Masters degree preferred, plus 10 or more years of progressively more responsible experience. Contact: Westinghouse

Senior EHS Analyst for Eaton Corporation in Kearny, Nebraska. The primary function of the Sr. Analyst-EHS is to coordinate the environmental, safety, and health programs at the facility to ensure compliance with state, local, and federal regulations and to develop, implement, and maintain an effective and proactive EHS management program resulting in injury reduction and increased safety awareness and accountability. The position requires a Bachelor’s degree in Safety, EHS, or related field, and 3 years progressive occupational safety and health engineering experience in a manufacturing facility. A certified safety engineer is preferred. Contact:

Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator for Georgia-Pacific LLC in Parchment, MI. Lead all safety initiatives in a foodwrap facility. Responsible for compliance with all OSHA and company regulations and policies, employee training, leading safety teams, and preparation for submission into the MIOSHA VPP program. This position reports directly to the Plant Director and interacts with all levels of the organization. BS Degree in a safety related field preferred. Minimum 3 years experience managing plant safety initiatives. Contact:

Have a safe, healthy and environmental week!

Carol Singer Neuvelt

NAEM Executive Director


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