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September 27, 2007
This week's management quote

" Just as your car runs more smoothly and requires less energy to go faster and farther when the wheels are in perfect alignment, you perform better when your thoughts, feelings, emotions, goals, and values are in balance. ”

— Brian Tracy, (1944-present), self help author


  1. Alcoa Recognized as “Best in Class” in Response to Climate Change; Named to Climate Disclosure Leadership Index
  2. Getting it Together: Integrating Customer Focus, Involvement and Horizontal Management
  3. What’s Happening with Electronics Waste?
  4. Top 10 Tips for Greening the Supply Chain
  5. Sun’s Gives Footprint Reduction the Web 2.0 Treatment
  6. Building an Effective Change Agent Team
  7. Elmo Has Left the Giggle Box
  8. Job Opportunities


  1. 15th Annual EHS Management Forum Vancouver, BC October 24-25, 2007. Register for EHS Management Forum.
  2. Facilitating Change: Working with DoD to Reduce Chemical Risks, Vancouver, BC NAEM Forum Pre-Conference October 23, 2007. Register for Working with DoD Pre-Conference.

The news

Alcoa Recognized as “Best in Class” in Response to Climate Change; Named to Climate Disclosure Leadership Index article
Alcoa announced today that it was recognized as "Best in Class" in its approach to climate change disclosure in a report released today by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), a coalition of more than 315 global investors with more than $41 trillion in assets. The CDP report is a survey of the responses of "Financial Times 500" corporations on climate change. Alcoa was also included in the "Climate Disclosure Leadership Index", a prestigious honor roll for global corporations addressing the challenges of climate change.

Getting it Together: Integrating Customer Focus, Involvement and Horizontal Managementarticle
In today's "Nanosecond" culture, successful organizations are doing what was once considered impossible. They are increasing customer satisfaction, shortening process cycles and response times, reducing costs, and developing innovative new products and services -- all at the same time. Not long ago, organizations could succeed by excelling at one or two of these areas. But the corporate landscape is now littered with the once mighty victims of this obsolete thinking. Today's winners are capitalizing on the changes and challenges facing all organizations, by being better and faster and cheaper and newer than their less nimble competitors.
Jim Clemmer, author, performance expert and speaker at NAEM’s upcoming Forum

What’s Happening with Electronics Waste?article
The average person thinks nothing of buying the latest i-phone, Blackberry or other gadget, which is one reason why electronics waste is the fastest growing waste stream worldwide. Fueled by shortened product lifecycles and the introduction of an endless variety of equipment, e-waste is growing about five times faster than conventional solid waste. The trend will only get worse as the U.S. shifts to digital-only TV broadcasts in 2009. In fact, this shift to digital TV could instantly obsolete 105 million TVs if consumers do not purchase a special set-top box converter (which itself will become future e-waste).

Top 10 Tips for Greening the Supply Chainarticle
With companies eager to adapt to a new era of customer needs, regulations and competitive realities, green sourcing has become tantamount to ensuring that goods and services maintain high environmental standards while maximizing revenue potential, according to Ariba, which has released a list of ten tips designed to help global organizations jump start their efforts and deliver results.

Sun’s Gives Footprint Reduction the Web 2.0 Treatmenttool
The new web portal, launched yesterday as part of the Carbon Disclosure Project, offers a one-stop shop for organizations of all sizes to calculate, compare and reduce their GHG emissions. Akin to social networks like myspace and Facebook, aims to help build support for carbon-reduction strategies though sharing information among companies, government institutions and NGOs, which, Sun said, all face the same pressure to create and meet serious goals to reduce their climate impact. The only requirement to join is for member groups to share their data, either transparently or anonymously, a requirement that is in line with the site's goals. "Working together drives progress faster than working alone," said Dave Douglas, Vice President of Eco Responsibility at Sun Microsystems. "Sun was built on the philosophy of openness and building communities to solve problems, which we're now applying to the environment. When we share, sustainable business can be more attainable -- and prosperous -- for everyone."

Building an Effective Change Agent Teamarticle
Companies seeking to transform their operations frequently overlook the importance of change agents. These handpicked leaders, spread across an organization, implement processes, train employees, and act as all-around role models within change programs. A successful change agent team requires a clear definition of roles and reporting structures, a mix of skills and experience, and the ability to communicate with and inspire the support of line managers.

Elmo Has Left the Giggle Box article
An illustration and explanation of today's tainted toys
… Seems you can't turn around these days without hearing about some trusted toy being yanked from the shelves. (Dora, we hardly knew ya!) If you want to keep on top of the latest recalls, check out the Consumer Product Safety Commission database or BabyCenter's product recall finder.

Job Opportunities

Director of Compliance Assurance for ConAgra Foods located in Omaha, NE. The Director of Compliance Assurance will provide support to the Vice President of Safety, Health and Environment in leading ConAgra Food’s effort to achieve “Gold Standard” safety, health & environmental performance. This position provides enterprise support to ensure compliance with all applicable safety, health and environmental regulations as well as corporate policies. In addition to the regularly scheduled health, safety & environmental assessments, the position will be responsible for managing our “Key Concepts of Safety” assessments, Process Safety Management assessments, ISO 14001 and OSHA VPP assessments. A college degree is a minimum – Engineering, Business or Safety/Environmental degree. Master’s degree preferred in a related field. Contact: Jim Lime 

Director of Corporate Environmental, Health and Safety for Eaton Corporation located in Cleveland, OH. The Director of EHS will work very closely with the Vice President in providing global leadership for this critical area and helping set the EHS agenda for the corporation and ensures consistent compliance throughout the company. As one of the principal EHS professionals and point-of-contact internally and externally (with local, state and federal compliance and regulatory EHS agencies), the Director will assist in establishing, promoting, and monitoring the effectiveness of Eaton’s worldwide environment, health and safety programs and practices and develop effective awareness tools designed to communicate group-wide initiatives, globally. A bachelor’s degree in occupational safety, environmental engineering or related science field is required. A Master’s is preferred. Certifications such as CSP, CIH, or PE are desired. Contact:

EHS Manager ( Washington, DC area) for this large Biotechnology company. The person’s responsibility will mostly be at the company’s corporate office, the company’s main R&D facility. Additionally this person will provide support to the fleet/field sales group. The ideal candidate should have 10+ years ehs experience from the biotech/pharmaceutical industry. The position reports to the Senior EHS Manager. Contact: Paul Shrenker

Environmental Engineer (Air) (NJ,Southern Philly area) for this pharmaceutical manufacturer. The ideal candidate will have 3+ years “air” experience from a pharmaceutical or organic chemical batch facility operation. Experience with reports such as Periodic MACT, Batch Plant, Emission Statements, TRI, EEMPR and Title V is required. BS in Environmental/Chemical Engineering or related. Contact:Paul Shrenker

Have a safe, healthy and environmental week!

Carol Singer Neuvelt

NAEM Executive Director


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