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September 3, 2009

This week's management quote

"The future has a way of arriving unannounced."
George Will, Journalist and Author, b. 1941.

  1. The Green Ultimatum
  2. Inside Walmart's Sustainability Consortium
  3. A Missed Opportunity on Climate Change
  4. Do Firms Have a Role in Protecting Water as a Basic Human Right?
  5. Where Are All the Green Jobs?
  6. Plane Landings to Cut CO 2
  7. Job Opportunities


The news

The Green Ultimatum - Article
What happens when manufacturers tell their suppliers to go green -- or else? Most green supply chain initiatives are the result of customer requests similar to those demanded by the Postal Service or Wal-Mart, or government regulations. But can these often grueling processes help a manufacturer's bottom line? Cost savings are possible providing they're not part of customer mandates, says a professor of Supply Chain Management at North Carolina State University.

Inside Walmart's Sustainability Consortium - Article
When Walmart made its much-ballyhooed announcement last month that it would launch a Sustainability Index, one key part of that announcement got short shrift. The retail giant also announced the creation of a Sustainability Consortium, a group of academics and others with the ambitious agenda of "establishing the scientific standards to measure the sustainability of consumer products." Let’s take a look to see what it’s all about.

A Missed Opportunity on Climate Change - Article
During the presidential campaign of 2008, Barack Obama distinguished himself on the economics of climate change, speaking far more sensibly about the issue than most of his rivals. Unfortunately, now that he is president, Mr. Obama may sign a climate bill that falls far short of his aspirations. Indeed, the legislation making its way to his desk could well be worse than nothing at all.

Do Firms Have a Role in Protecting Water as a Basic Human Right? - Article
Before you answer, consider this: No water, no life. And certainly no business. With the exception of air to breathe, no other thing, which if deprived, can cause human death as quickly as water. Some experts suggest that you can perish in anywhere from two to 10 days without water; by contrast people can go weeks or even months without food. Poor water quality also has a devastating effect on the health of people across the world. One of the more heart-wrenching and often-quoted statistics is that of a child under five dying every 15 seconds from a water-related illness.

Where Are All the Green Jobs? - Article
During the 2008 campaign season, voters heard a lot about green jobs that were going to help reverse slipping employment numbers while reducing American dependence on foreign oil. America, it was said, would lead the world in creating a green economy that would triply silence threats to our economy, security, and environment. So where are all these green jobs? They're coming, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis told the Associated Press, but don't hold your breath.

Plane Landings to Cut CO 2 - Article
Aviation group Scandinavian Airlines System says it has designed a new landing method for aircraft, which could slash fuel consumption and emissions of carbon dioxide. The new technique, which involves planes gliding into land following an optimum route mapped out by satellite, could save around 220 pounds of fuel in a twin-engine jet, the group said. The traditional method sees pilots manually control the craft as it descends in stages over a large area, which gobbles a huge amount of fuel.

Director/Manager of Environmental Policy, Mirant, Pittsburg, CA
This position is responsible for the environmental matters (excluding day-to-day compliance), of Mirant California, LLC assets and projects. The candidate must possess in depth knowledge of California environmental laws and have experience with local, regional and federal environmental enforcement agencies and environmental research and development organizations. The candidate must have the knowledge and judgment to interpret how the myriad of regulations interact and influence the region's current and future business plans. Qualifications: A minimum of six years environmental law, science or engineering experience related to heavy industrial or power plant operation is required. BS Engineering, Environmental Science, or Basic Science or JD with substantial experience working on environmental issues regarding power plants is required.

Vice President, Environmental, Health & Safety – North America, Louis Dreyfus, Kansas City, MO
As a member of the senior management team of the North America region, this position is responsible for developing, recommending and implementing Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) policies, programs, and procedures which optimize the health and safety of the Company’s industrial operations, while ensuring compliance with all federal, state, and local laws, regulations and safety standards. More specifically, this position will be responsible for (a) monitoring and analyzing the implications of proposed and final regulations on the Company’s operations, (b) developing and implementing a Compliance training program, (c) developing and managing the EHS budget and P&L, and (d) leading the development of emergency response and preparedness programs to meet the increasing demand of an expanding asset base in the region. The position requires 10 years of experience in an industrial compliance and/or Environmental, Health & Safety.

Director of Environmental Health & Occupational Safety, The University of Akron, Akron, OH
The Director of Environmental Health & Occupational Safety will manage all activities through the enforcement of safe environmental and construction procedures as ordered by OSHA, EPA, the Department of Health, Air Quality Management codes, and fire building codes. Manage the department budget while also aiding other departments in understanding the importance of designating funds in their budget for prevention and safety programs. Assist in enforcing responsibilities of the department staff in addition to arranging staff schedules. Provide solutions for the complaints and problems regarding environmental health and occupational safety at the University. Represent the department on committees and at various meetings where the assistance of the department is necessary.

Director, 2010 World Resources Report, World Resources Institute, Washington, DC
WRI is looking for a Director to oversee the research, writing, production and outreach of its World Resources Report. The Director will assume lead responsibility for a new, more interactive form of the World Resources Report (WRR), the long-time flagship publication for WRI. The Director will work with the Managing Editor-the topic expert-to ensure the relevance and quality of the pieces produced as part of the World Resources Report, and will maintain overall coordinating authority over the content, appearance, and budget of the production. WRR is a joint project of WRI, UNDP, UNEP, the World Bank, and other sponsoring agencies.

Regional Manager, Warehouse EHS, C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc., Upper Marlboro, MD
Successfully integrate EHS into the functional operation of the business by implementing systems, processes and procedures to prevent injuries to our associates and minimize the environmental impact of our operations. The ultimate goal is to achieve “zero harm” to our employees and those affected by our business operations. Provide regional and local leadership while partnering with operational business functions to enable efficient knowledge transfer of key skills to managers, supervisors and employees. Build effective programs to ensure that all operations are fully compliant with Federal, State and local laws. Implement a comprehensive total facility audit process to maintain regulatory compliance, ensure continuous improvement and facilitate the transfer of best practices across the business.

Have a safe, healthy and environmental week!

Carol Singer Neuvelt
NAEM Executive Director

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