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October 1, 2009

This week's management quote

Ability will never catch up with the demand for it.
- Malcolm Forbes, magazine publisher, 1919 - 1990

  1. EPA Finalizes Emissions Reporting Program
  2. The Walmart Supplier Sustainability Assessment
  3. OSHA Issues Proposed Rule to Adopt the Globally Harmonized Hazard Communication System
  4. New Rules Lead Europe to Dump Trash Abroad
  5. More Corporations Are “Greening” Supply Chains
  6. Abbott to Launch 40 Sustainable Packaging Initiatives
  7. Job Opportunities


The news

EPA Finalizes Emissions Reporting Program - Press Release
The U.S. EPA finalized new requirements for the nation's biggest sources of greenhouse gases to publicly disclose their annual emissions, providing the necessary foundation for federal policy to reduce global warming pollution. Reporting requirements will apply to about 10,000 large emitters that account for the vast majority of the nation's overall inventory of heat-trapping gases.

The Supplier Sustainability Assessment - Research Tool
The Sustainability Assessment is the first of three phases of the Sustainability Index project Walmart announced in July 2009. This tool by the Sustainability Consortium offers an in-depth look at the 15 questions, grouped into four categories, the company is asking of all its suppliers.

OSHA Issues Proposed Rule to Adopt the Globally Harmonized Hazard Communication System - Article
Calling it the “first step in an aggressive regulatory agenda” for the Obama administration, acting Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA Jordan Barab announced a proposed rule to align OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard with provisions of the United Nations Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals.

New Rules Lead Europe to Dump Trash Abroad - Article
Exporting waste illegally to poor countries has become a vast and growing international business, as companies try to minimize the costs of new environmental laws, like those in Europe, that tax waste or require that it be recycled or otherwise disposed of in an environmentally responsible way. While much of the international waste trade is legal, sent to qualified overseas recyclers, a big chunk is not. For a price, underground traders make Europe’s waste disappear overseas.

More Corporations Are “Greening” Supply Chains - Article
For many companies, sustainability improvements such as energy and water efficiency were at first reactions to public criticism. Nowadays, as rising energy costs, water scarcity, and climate change threaten the affordability and availability of global inputs, corporations are recognizing that a more sustainable product has a better chance of remaining competitive in a resource-constrained world. But a product's environmental or economic sustainability rarely depends on the actions of a single company. As a result, many corporations are pressuring their suppliers to become more efficient as well.

Abbott to Launch 40 Sustainable Packaging Initiatives - Article
Abbott is in the process of launching more than 40 sustainable packaging initiatives across its nutrition, pharmaceutical and medical product businesses to help achieve its five percent reduction target in the amount of packaging used in key products by 2013. The initiatives are focused on the increased use of lighter and sustainable materials in package design. In addition, it will lower cost and in some cases reduce shelf space, said the company.

Director EHS, Confidential, Suffolk County, NY
Join this global public manufacturer of ingestible consumer packaged goods in this newly created position responsible for leading and directing the following: Internal Audit of Associate Injury and Occupational Disease exposures and Associate Safety and Accident Prevention, Analysis of Cause and Corrective Action for work-related accidents, Establishment and support of local Safety Committees, Safety related training initiatives, Serve as initial, primary representative interfacing with government agency representatives on issues of Safety and Environmental Compliance. Requirements include: Extensive professional experience leading the Safety function of a substantial (1,000+ associate), multi-facility Manufacturing organization in the U.S.A. Must have previous leadership experience in multi-site manufacturing enterprise in all 3 areas of Safety, Security & Environmental Compliance.

Employee Health/Environment Safety Manager, Osteotech, Inc., Eatontown, NJ
Responsible for developing, implementing and managing overall health, safety and related training functions for the entire corporation. Maintain and ensure continued compliance with OSHA regulations. Monitor, administer, review and revise employee health and safety related policies and procedures as required by governmental agencies and as appropriate for managing the business. Ongoing education of all employees related to making health and safety part of their day-to-day activities. 3-5 years of technical or practical EHS experience is required. Prior waste and chemical handling experience preferred. Knowledge of applicable EHS regulations required.

Director of Environmental Sustainability, Empire State College, Saratoga Springs, NY
Empire State College is currently seeking qualified candidates for the position of Director of Environmental Sustainability. The Director will coordinate all of the college's activities related to responsible environmental programs, including recycling, education, communication, programming, procurement and policies. Qualifications include Master's Degree in Environmental Science, Public Administration or Policy, Urban Planning or a related field, Practical or research experience in a sustainability related area, preferably in a college or university, Excellent written, verbal and inter-personal skills, as well as team building and collaborative skills.

Corporate EHS Coordinator, Orbis Corporation, Urbana, OH
The EHS Coordinator will impact the Environmental, Health and Safety activities in all locations by reducing risk and eliminating incidents, as well as managing the companies Worker’s Compensation claims. He/she will assist in OSHA, ISO 14001 and EPA requirements for each plant's compatibility and take action based on recommendations so as to conform to all current company and national standards/codes. Job Requirements: 5 plus years in a similar role within an ISO certified manufacturing setting Bachelors Degree in Occupational Health Safety or Science Degree.

Sustainable Energy Expert, Bank Information Center, Washington, DC
We are looking for a politically savvy, experienced energy expert who can advocate for increased renewable energy technology adoption in low & middle income countries. S/he will lead the organization's efforts in encouraging the World Bank Group to adopt a more progressive Energy Sector Strategy that will assist the poorest countries in securing its domestic energy needs without exacerbating climate change. The Energy Expert will oversee case studies, convene/work with civil society groups and energy experts in Asia, Africa, Central Asia, and Latin America, exchanging analyses and insights on how low-carbon energy options fit into a country's national energy development plan and how these options can be supported by IFIs.

Have a safe, healthy and environmental week!

Carol Singer Neuvelt
NAEM Executive Director

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