Executive Brief • July 16, 2020
NAEM Executive Brief, Selected News for the EHS Community
“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.”
Socrates (c. 470 – 399 BC)
Greek philosopher, one of the founders of Western philosophy
G.A.O. Report: White House Speeds Deregulation by Undervaluing Cost of Climate Change
The Government Accountability Office has found that the Trump administration is undervaluing the cost of climate change to boost its deregulatory efforts.
The New York Times

OSHA COVID-19 Guidance: Workplace Facemasks Recommended
In the guidance, OSHA addresses frequently asked questions to common COVID-19-related workplace safety inquiries, including whether employees should wear facemasks while at work.
The National Law Review

Remote Work is Productive, But Missing Something
Offices can be inefficient, productivity-killing spreaders of infectious disease, and a lot of people can’t wait to go back.
The Wall Street Journal

World’s Biggest Liquid Air Battery — ‘The Climate Emission Killer’ — is Now Under Construction in England
One of the biggest challenges with widespread implementation of renewable energy is storage — but now in England, a trailblazing company is developing the world’s first liquid-air battery storage facility for renewable energy.
Good News Network

As Single Use Products Surge, a Look Back at how Disposable Dixie Cups grew out of 1918 Pandemic
Made popular during the Spanish Flu, Dixie Cups were a life-saving technology that avoided the transmission of disease from communal “tin dippers.”
Smithsonian Magazine

Adventures in Alternative Work Arrangements
With kids come new demands, especially for the majority of us who are in dual-career households. It would seem that alternative work programs — flexible hours, remote work, part-time salaried work, job shares, and lateral moves — create a win-win for employers, employees, and families.
Harvard Business Review
NAEM Virtual Conference Experiences
Sustainability Impact Conference
Sustainability Impact Conference
Aug. 4-5
Virtual Conference

Gain insights and tactics to help you achieve your sustainability goals — especially in the new normal brought about by the global pandemic, economic slowdown and sociopolitical movements. This conference emphasizes an interactive and engaging virtual format to maximize connecting with your peers and benchmarking best practices in getting sustainability done.
Sustainability Solve-It Series
Sustainability Solve-It Series
Sustainability Solve-It Series
Aug. 6 - Sept. 4
Online Peer Workgroups

Exclusively for corporate leaders of EHS & Sustainability, NAEM’s Sustainability Solve-Its on ESG Strategy, Science-Based Targets, and Zero-Waste Goals provide you with a core group of peers to benchmark, gain insight and share learnings with in a time when benchmarking with peers is more important than ever.
NAEM Benchmark Survey
COVID-19 Impact on Corporate Sustainability Agendas
Benchmark How COVID-19 is Impacting Your Sustainability Agenda

Corporate sustainability leaders: This is your opportunity to find out how you're doing in comparison to other companies. Take this 5-minute benchmark survey on how companies’ sustainability goals and initiatives are getting done in the new normal.
COVID-19 Resources
Virtual Audits: Planning is Key
Virtual Audits: Planning is Key
Thursday, July 30
2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. EDT

At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has grounded most corporate EHS auditors, there has been a press of activity to quickly execute virtual audits. The planning phase is key to realizing meaningful results in undertaking virtual audits. This one-hour webinar will enable EHS audit managers to initiate an agile planning process driven by continuous improvement to achieve better performance even while launching virtual audits.
How COVID-19 is Impacting the EHS Function
How COVID-19 is Impacting the EHS Function
Free Report

How have companies reacted to COVID-19 and how has it impacted their EHS operations? Based on a quantitative benchmark survey, interviews and facilitated discussions, this report will answer your pressing questions on this topic.
COVID-19 EHS Resources
NAEM's COVID-19 Resource Page

Check out NAEM's full list of COVID-19 resources such as specific COVID-19 related webinars, reports, and back-to-work corporate playbooks to assist your EHS&S efforts.
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